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RETETUS blocks, an economical, ecological, technical and aesthetic solution for all applications in green retaining walls.

SAPCI offers a variety of plantable blocks namely: RET 50Kg, RET 80Kg, RET 100Kg, RET 120Kg and the hexagonal blocks RHEX applicable for small retaining walls and grassed slabs.

All the models offered are deposited by the needs of customers, and SAPCI remains at their disposal to support all their ideas and creations.

RETETUS blocks are designed to adapt to the terrain, offering multiple possibilities, those of making concave and convex curves, open and closed angles with vertical and horizontal blocking, preventing any lateral and horizontal movements. The weakest parts of a structure are thus consolidated.

A RETETUS retaining wall is as effective and more economical than a reinforced concrete wall.


Prefabricated concrete elements, grey and colored according to the customer's request. Industrialized according to an elaborate, monitored and controlled concrete formula, ensuring high mechanical resistance.

- Intended for the realization of landscaped retaining walls that can be vegetated, with batter, with or without overload.
- Laying of elements, compacted backfill and filling with topsoil row by row.
- Possibility of setting up an integrated irrigation for rapid revegetation.

- Intended for the realization of small landscaped retaining walls that can be vegetated and fencing walls
- The realization of grass slabs in heavy concrete which are mainly the development of parking lots, the consolidation of access roads and embankments.
- Placed on a bed of sand and grass, it offers a solid surface, both driveable and green.
- The large openings allow the growth of grass and the absorption of water.


- Use as a retaining wall,
- Civil engineering Works,
- Road widening,
- Road embankment, motorway,
- Bridge pillars,
- Technical walls,
- High supports,
- Road extensions… etc.

- Use in small retaining walls,
- Closing wall,
- Civil engineering Works,
- Garage descent,
- Road embankment, motorway,
- Road extensions,
- Grass slabs,
- Consolidation of banks along streams and rivers,
- Lost formwork… etc.


RETETUS blocks are generally made from a common pressed and vibrated aggregate concrete. The Concrete is a mixture of gravel, sand, cement, water and additives.


- Simple installation on clean concrete with or without integrated watering.
- The spacings between the blocks for rectilinear walls are: 38cm for RET 120 and RET 80, 35.5cm for RET 100, and 24cm for RET 50. For curved walls, contact us to specify the spacing to be respected.
- The height of the wall, its inclination, the presence of geotextile are the subject of a study established by the design office, according to the geometric and geotechnical assumptions of the wall transmitted by the customer.


Batter of the wall:
For an inclination angle between 60 ° and 78 °, the min and max values of the offset d are:

- Simple installation without concrete with integrated watering in the openings.
- The height of the wall, the inclination of the retaining walls, the compaction, the presence of geotextile are the subject of a study established by the design office, according to the geometric and geotechnical assumptions transmitted by the client.

Case of grassed slabs: